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Ruby Lane Memories

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Also available at one of our events, The Art of Coffee in Montross VA. 
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1.  I Hung My head and I Cried
2.  Til Each Tear Becomes A Rose
3. White Freight Liner
4.  Our Old Home
5.  Fox on the Run
6. Ruby Lane Memories
7.  One More Last Chance
8.  It Happened to Me
9.  These Places
10.  I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair
11.  ALittle Unfair
12.  Come Back to Me in My Dreams
Ruby Lane Memories:  $15.00
Changes in the Tide:  $12.00
Changes in the Tide available at our events or by contacting us on FaceBook
Front of T-shirt
Back of T-shirt
Check out  our friend Earle's T-shirt!
You wear it well Earle....we appreciate your support and the support of all the local Bluegrass bands!

Our friends, Tom and Julia sporting their JGCL hats...LOOKIN' Good!
Our young friend Brandon was feeling cool with his new JGCL hat...said it was the "best looking hat at the festival".  He was helping with Jay Andrews Sound "Acoustic Sound Waves" at Lil' Margaret's Festival.

You wear it well Brandon!  Thanks for your support of JGCL
JGCL brushed Twill Ball Caps 
$20.00 each.
Available in tan, green, black and camo

Neon caps - $20.00 each
Back of neon cap
Looking great in your neon JGCL hat
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